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Just like every small business starting out, we have a humble beginning. When striving to become an established business it helps having an already astonishing reputation. Owner/President Ernie Davis upholds that day in and day out. Along with his wife, Connie Davis and Daughter/Vice President Keya Davis, they have built and maintain many businesses. After years of attending and holding auctions, they have managed and overcome in order to open their very own Auction Company.

Ernie D's Auction Enterprises
Ernie D's Auction Enterprises

With having many different diversities of knowledge and background experience in the industry, the Davis’ and Ernie D’s Auction Enterprises, LLC are now making a name for themselves as an auction company. We have prided ourselves on treating our customers with respect, gratitude and above all honesty. Auctions are not only a fast, easy way of making our clients revenue, we also make it a fun, outgoing experience for our buyers – the way Auctions are suppose to be done, the right way

So when you are in need of an auction company to handle your needs just think Ernie D’s Auctions. You will not be disappointed.

Our Team

OWNER/PRESIDENT: Ernie Davis, well known successful businessman around Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia for over 40 years. Ernie prides himself on a very clean, precise set up of an auction to do both good for consignors and buyers.

VICE PRESIDENT/AUCTIONEER: Keya Davis, graduated from The Reppert School of Auctioneering, the world’s leading auctioneer education provider located in Indianapolis, Indiana in April 2017. After completing her apprenticeship she now auctioneers full time and enjoys Antiques & Collectibles. Along with her father, Ernie; Keya is well educated and experienced in the structure of what makes a business successful. Keya maintains and over sees the day to day office of the company, taking in consignments and has a wonderful respect for customer relationships.

AUCTIONEER: Keith Jackson, along with Keya; Keith is a graduate from the Reppert School of Auctioneering, the world’s leading auctioneer education provider located in Indianapolis, Indiana. After completing his apprenticeship, Keith has been learning the industry while working full time and racing. Keith is a very knowledgeable asset to our company.

TRESURER/SECRETARY: Connie Davis has worked along-side of her husband, Ernie for years. Her extensive background in accounting and record keeping is essential in our company. She is a vital part of our company before, during and after each auction.

AUCTIONEER: Glenn Miller, Sr., from Inwood, West Virginia has been a friend of the Davis’ for over 30 years and has helped as a sponsor and auctioneer. Glenn has been auctioneering for over 45 years (grandfathered-in) and recently started to slow down with his own auctions. Glenn started under Ed Boher in 1972. He went to convention in ’74 where he was the youngest asked to join the board, Glenn declined due to other obligations. Glenn is well known and respected in the auction industry in the State of West Virginia and surrounding states.

Ernie Davis

Vice President:
Keya Davis

Connie Davis

Keya Davis
Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson

Sale Set Up:
Ernie Davis
Arturo Monroy (Shorty)
Little “E”

Connie Davis
Keya Davis
Michelle Stem

Our Services

Our services include but not limited to the following:
Real Estate
Estate Buyouts
Business & Commercial
Collection & Consignments
Online Auctions
Item Transport

Call us today to talk to you about how our business can help you get cash fast & remove inventory that is taking up space.

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Ernie D's Auction Enterprises, LLC
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